We do not train, we "teach" both ends of the leash

Our Dog Services

    Welcome to The Canine Behavior Expert Training and Rehabilitation, your personal Greece dog trainer specializing in training services for dogs of all breeds, ages, and behavior issues. Browse the site, send us your contact form, and we'll get in touch so that you no longer have to struggle with your dog's behavioral baggage. We are anxious to share our knowledge of dog behavior and positive training methods that are practical, to restore your freedom and peace of mind instantly.

The Canine Behavior Expert is your Greece resource for real world dog training, through a balanced approach. We specialize in providing remote virtual training programs to stop unwanted behaviors, build confidence, and instill calm in your dog.

Our board and train programs address dog aggression, fearful dog behaviors, separation anxiety, as well as provide behavior modification, and dog obedience training for puppies and adult dogs. As a premiere The Canine Behavior Expert , we excel in diagnosing and resolving reactivity, human aggression, resource guarding, leash aggression, leash reactivity, pulling on leash, jumping on people, counter surfing, stealing food, chewing and destruction, barking problems, running away, not listening, growling, snapping, biting, door bolting, prey drive, and rebellious puppy behaviors. Aside from behavior modification, our programs instill obedience and manners for your dog, off leash, including heeling on walks, sit, stay, down, place command, and recall or coming to you when called.

The Canine Behavior Expert has a dog trainer shadow program for those considering a career in dog training, or desiring to grow their existing dog training business. We teach in Greek, English and French. Stay on site, learn our programs, see behind the scenes nitty gritty must-haves, and receive customized feedback for your business and personal development. Let us save you some mistakes and heartache, and set you on a path to success with dogs AND with people.

Contact us              


+30 6945334510 

Email: calm_dogs@yahoo.gr

Virtual Dog Training

    The Canine Behavior Expert has expanded its services to include virtual dog training and behavior consultations to assist humans and dogs not local to Athens.

A dog's behavior issues can range from extremely dangerous to slightly annoying. And, while nothing takes the place of an in-person, hands on private training session, a virtual consultation may be all you need to solve your dog's behavior problems.

The Canine Behavior Expert  offers 60 minute Virtual Dog Training and Behavior Consults making it Easy, Effective and Affordable!

      The Canine Behavior Expert (CBE) offers a variety of services for eliminating your dog's unwanted behavior, improving manners and sharpening obedience skills. CBE believes in a No Pain-No Fear approach to dog training. By integrating positive reinforcement FCBT (Free Choice Behavior Training) you'll not only have a dog who loves to learn, you'll have a companion who extends his problem solving abillity.

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